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  • He is willing to learn!

    My son has been diagnosed with ADHD and high-functioning Aspergers……He definitely responds well to lots of encouragement. I have been so thankful to see that he loves learning through these classes—or is at least willing to learn even if it’s something a bit more challenging, involves more reading, or may not be as interesting to him, which is a huge deal! He really cares about how well he does on the quizzes too, which is also huge! It suits his learning style very well and I think he likes having some input in choosing his courses. I feel like the format is so great for learning a lot of information in short periods of time—and my son has been enjoying the builds too! I might have to adjust some of the builds to suit him and what he can handle. Writing essays is not something he’s able to do at this time though. We are excited to start another session with your team! ūüôā

    Mom of happy 12 year old boy,
  • A Very Creative Program

    My son is so engaged with this program. He loves learning through Minecraft and it keeps him excited about learning!! I also like that he is interacting with other students from around the world!! Very creative program!

    A Satisfied Mom, — March 15th
  • An inviting experience conducive to learning and building relationships!

    I highly recommend GamED Academy for academics, independent learning, leadership, support, relationships, and just plain fun! My daughter has taken several classes, learning about history and entrepreneurship through Minecraft in ways that I could not otherwise provide here at home. Moreover, she quickly became interested in getting more involved and helping others, and she has worked her way up the staff ranks to the highest level a teen can hold. She is gaining invaluable experience in leading and mentoring others, and in creating an inviting experience that’s conducive to learning and building relationships within GamED’s admirably high standards. She has also developed remarkably close friendships with other staff members and students, and the house rings with laughter when she’s online with the team. I applaud Ms. Jody and the other GamED adults who have so carefully and caringly afforded my daughter and so many others this unique opportunity to shine.

    Lisa, — December 2016
  • Like a family!

    GamED Academy really is like a second family to me. From a student in Session 1 of 2014, to a staff member in Session 1 of 2015, I’ve always been treated with kindness, and like everyone is my friend. I’m so glad my mom found GamED Academy because I’ve made so many friends here, hopefully for life. The classes are great Рthere’s not too much or too little packed into each week, it’s just enough to learn a lot. But GamED has taught me more than what I learned in classes. It’s helped me to be a leader, and to not just focus on what I want, but to focus on other people. I love how each week is set up; with classes being of most importance, and when students are done their classwork, there’s many mini-games, and 1-2 live events with staff each week (and lots more on party week). In conclusion, GamED was and is by far one of my top favorite things we found. I would recommend it to anyone considering joining, because I know they’ll be treated like I was: with kindness, friendship, and respect. Thank you Ms. Jody and Xander for coming up with this idea!!

    Kelly, — December 2016
  • Such a huge difference in our son’s life!

    I was really thrilled with your program (though our timing with taking 2 classes and a vacation was a lesson well learned!), and Thomas was really excited as the weeks passed. We have been homeschooling since September and he was a very reluctant learner in the past– and an even more reluctant writer. Our first writing assignments were met with extreme opposition, but the last assignments, though still hard for him, were amazing to watch as he figured out things like “maybe I should take notes while I watch this video”. He self-initiated re-watching videos figuring out, on his own, that he needed to hear information multiple times. He LOVED the videos for Castles, and once we got into the groove, he really enjoyed the builds, figuring out challenging Redstone tasks, and making friends on the GamED server. Thomas has autism and it is very hard for him to navigate social situations. Being able to interact with other kids on the server allows him to practice and to learn how to develop interactions through a shared interest. It was so great to watch peers jump in and ask what they could help with on assignments. The encouragement with notes from instructor grading really helped build his confidence. I just wanted to say thanks.¬† While I’m sure you hear from other folks that you have made a difference in their child’s life, you have made a huge difference in our son’s life. Thank you.

    Maureen, — May 2016
  • Amazed by all that my daughter has learned!

    I also wanted to tell you how much we like GamED.  I’ve been amazed  by all that my daughter has learned since starting the GamED courses- and  I don’t even mean what she’s learned from the courses themselves!  Just playing with the other kids has taught her so much. Her spelling ability has increased exponentially and her interest in spelling has also increased. She wants the other kids to be able to  understand and read what she writes, so she actually is trying to  learn how to spell words. She has also learned how to use Google to search for instructions for how to do things in Minecraft. I also  feel like the Sandbox gives her a great social opportunity. She is  collaborating, negotiating, bartering, and playing with other kids.  It is similar to a school playground experience, but better in many  ways because they are mixed age children, there are some ground  rules, and the kids know they are being monitored so there isn’t the chance of bullying.

    Jennifer, — March 2016
  • Love this school!

    My children just started this fall with Gamed Academy. My son who is nine was struggling with reading, and my daughter who is 13 was having a hard time with math, both loved Minecraft PE. I watched the video on Gamed Academy’s site and decided to offer it to my children as incentive. My son worked like crazy on his spelling and was able to get in the 1st session. Daughter watched him during those weeks and that pushed her to do better so she could try it. Now they are both enjoying Castles And Cannons… So proud of them, LOVE this school.

    Pip - From our Facebook page, — December 2015
  • What she did was amazing!

    Had my daughter do a project on Rome. She had to build a Roman Colosseum in Minecraft. What she did was amazing. Structurally and engineering wise. She even made the Colosseum flood and drain, working cages coming up form the floor and even a “show” to demonstrate from the Emperor’s Box.
    Using tech and games for educational use. I posted this on my homeschooled group.

    Shellini - From our Facebook page, — December 2015
  • Signed up for the year!

    My grandson loves Gamed Academy, using Minecraft schooling. He is already signed up for courses for the rest of the school year!

    Becky - From our Facebook page, — December 2015
  • The best experience!

    It has been the best experience! This is our 2nd year. She requested to participate in the summer program! She continues to love the program. Every class has been a winner! This is the 2nd session she is also a GM! Thank you for offering such an awesome program!!

    Mary - From our Facebook page, — November 2015
  • Love the program!

    I have two boys who have been enrolled for a little over a year and for my oldest (10) who is very resistant to all school it is really helpful! He is usually very attentive to the learning and does well on the quiz. He spends a lot of time getting his build right and I am always impressed at his creativity!¬† My other son (8) is not as interested, but as he is much more willing to do all other schoolwork, I think it is more that he isn’t as obsessed about Minecraft.¬† I really love the program and am very thankful to it! Ms Jody and all the teachers are very helpful and very nice every time we have to contact them!

    Melissa - From our Facebook page, — November 2015
  • Fantastic program!

    We are really enjoying the Castles and Cannons class. After teaching public school at the elementary level for 14 years, I’m now homeschooling my own children and am loving the enrichment you provide. It’s really a fantastic program!

    Amy, — November 2015
  • Grateful Parent

    I am SO grateful for Minecraft School[ing].  It is making a big
    difference in my son’s life. Thank you all so much for what you do!

    Tirra , — November 2015
  • Excited to be back!

    I Just felt the need to say thank you for creating such an awesome
    environment for learning. I’ve had to take a huge break (9 maybe 10 months)
    from Minecraft School and I’m ecstatic to become a student and part of the crew again!

    Akasha22, — September 2015
  • Thank you!

    I am¬†about to start my 5th session and in those 4 session’s I have been doing Minecraft Schooling,¬†I have come to have it as my other family,¬†I have soo many friends from all over the world now! excited for my 5th session for which I am doing 7¬†Wonders ¬†of the Ancient World. I just want to thank Ms. Jody and the rest of the Staff SOO much for what they have made this. Thank you GamED Academy!

    Scicomp, — September 2015
  • Thanks for all you do!

    Hey, I just want to thank you all for what you do on the server, allowing students to learn and have fun at the same time. I honestly feel like I am at home when I play on MCS, (even though I am still kind of at home) but I feel like I belong there. So thank you guys for being such a wonderful host ūüôā

    Bigodev, Student/Captain — August 2015
  • Phenomenal!

    This is a phenomenal program! I had my 8 year old and 15 year old enrolled over summer. I could not have been more impressed with Ms. Jody and Minecraft School. If you’re wavering, just give it a shot. Your child will love it and will be learning the entire time! I’m a homeschool parent and teacher at a charter school and was a little unsure at first, but I can completely vouch for this program now!!!

    Lisa, --From our Facebook page — August 2015
  • You unlocked my son’s brilliance!

    I just have to say I think Minecraft School[ing] is awesome. It’s unlocked the brilliance I knew my son had in him and he’s doing amazing things with what he’s learned. His first class was the Redstone Academy. He struggled at first but it eventually clicked for him and when the class was over he started building his own game for Minecraft. He based it off his favorite game and said when he’s done he will make it available as a map for anyone to download and play. He went from just using Redstone, to learning how to use command blocks, to learning how to write code. When he has a question or wants to learn something new he’s learned how to search for it. His reading has improved tremendously and his vocabulary is incredible. What’s he’s built is amazing and he’s only 8. He said it was homeschool that got him started and he’s found his confidence. He hopes to one day work for Mojang or make his own games. I know the possibilities are endless for him. I can’t say enough about GamED Academy! Thank you!

    Melissa, From our Facebook page — June 2015
  • Safe Online Experience

    I loved the concept and idea of my son being able to participate in a safe group online with a program that he recently became interested in. I do appreciate that I never worried about the content or social interactions because I trusted that the group was being monitored. He enjoyed the learning portions of the camp and then completing the build challenges. The topics covered were well varied and interesting. They were also good in that what was presented was able to meet the learning levels and interests of a variety of potential participants. I also appreciated the quick response to emails or questions.

    Gina, Email — August 2015
  • So thankful!

    I just want to tell you how thankful I am for Minecraft Schooling. I’ve met friends who have helped me grow in so many ways and be thankful for life. I have learned so much this past year! I’ve grown so much in my faith, my skills, my passion, my thankfulness, my thoughts about other people, and much much more. I feel like GamED Academy¬†is my second home.¬† I love this program¬†so much!

    StarWarsFan42, — August 2015
  • Learning has been a blast!

    I like Minecraft Schooling¬†soo much. You get to play with other students. It’s been a blast learning about astronauts going into space, Nicola Tesla inventing the tesla coil, and learning about the redstone game mechanic! Thank you GamED Academy¬†for providing such a fun experience.

    Game Master Nerd, — June 2015
  • Thought provoking build challenges!

    First of all, I‚Äôd like to state what I like about Minecraft Schooling¬†in its entirety.¬†GamED Academy’s¬†layout provides fun and thought-provoking build challenges, while also making it SO easy to make friends on the server.
    Now, I‚Äôd like to point out a thing specific about session V, ‚ÄúThe Quintet‚ÄĚ as we call it.¬† Basically, it‚Äôs a group of five friends that makes builds together and does stuff together and has so much fun! ¬†The Quintet consists of¬†5 players from around the world. Like I said, it‚Äôs so easy to make friends on the server.¬† We have an entire group of five!¬†There were so many exciting things that happened if I were to mention them all it would need a billion words! ¬†So I decided to target the most delightful part. The Quintet has been so much fun, and all that has come from Session V. ¬†Your¬†#1 Fan
    RedShirtDown , MCS Student — June 2015
  • I had so much fun in Castles and Cannons!

    Hey Ms. Jody, I just wanted to thank you again for such a fun and amazing session! I had so much fun in Castles and Cannons this session. I loved learning about life in medieval times! I made so many new friends and learned so many new things and overall had a great time this session. I also had lots of fun helping students weather it was helping them with there builds or helping answer they’re questions, we even had a party on week 3! I just wanted to let you know how much I love MCS, its so amazing how much it has grown from when I started in 2013 to now! Thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to join in, I look forward to Captaining for the Science Summer Camp. Thank you!

    Captain Jackattack, MCS Student — June 2015
  • I learned redstone!

    I LOVED meeting new friends and learn all about Redstone. And all the challenges we did. I am sort of sad this session is ending but I am really excited about my first summer camp! With love, Wynona12

    Wynona12, MCS student — June 2015
  • I never knew that!

    Both of my classes have been super great! I’ve learned things I never knew… like how the¬†insides of modern machines work and different wonders of the ancient world. ¬†I never knew most of what I learned this year!¬†I think that MCS was a great idea and I can’t wait till next session ūüėÄ

    Giovanni, MCS student — June 2015
  • The topics are interesting!

    Minecraft Schooling¬†is amazing. If I listed all what I loved about it, it would take hours! I will list a few though ūüôā¬†I love that’s it’s interactive and everyone is so fun and friendly!¬†The classes are amazing and truly¬†outstanding. GamED Academy¬†made my love of learning grow!¬†All the topics are so interesting and I learned a lot!¬†Those are just a few ūüôā

    StarWarsFan42, MCS Student — June 2, 2015
  • A positive and enjoyable learning environment!

    My son loves Minecraft Schooling because he says he learns new things about Minecraft & real life at the same time.  My daughter loves that she can learn about nature & meet new friends.  I love that my son has taken a renewed interest in learning by taking a game he loves & putting new aspects on it.  The builds require creativity & thought.  The students apply the knowledge from the lessons and create actual works of art in the Minecraft world.  The student interactions, via TeamSpeak or typing, allows instant feedback for my ADHD son. The teamwork challenges have enhanced his social skills over the last few sessions.  The Upper levels provide enough challenges without being overwhelming while the lower levels allow enhancement of skills & knowledge in those lessons.  I love the variety of classes available & my children are excited to take a new class in the upcoming sessions.  Overall, GamED Academy has provided a positive & enjoyable learning atmosphere for my children & that makes one happy momma!

    Cricket, mom to Nastycar & Team_Unicorn — May 30, 2015
  • I just made a friend!

    Minecraft School[ing] has been a blessing to my 8 and 10 year old daughters. We homeschool them and they were looking for ways to incorporated Minecraft into their school day. I had originally read an article about how our local charter school had a Minecraft class in their school program. I did some research into the program they used and found out that it wasn’t available to homeschoolers so I googled ‘Minecraft School’ and when I found Ms. Jody’s site I couldn’t believe it. We joined right away and the girls were hooked. The girls can’t wait to get on and socialize with the other players. It’s exciting to hear them say ‘I just made a friend!’ I love the fact they are learning as they play. The price of the classes are amazingly affordable. ¬†We plan on keeping our girls in the classes for years to come. My 10 year old, Jordan is even counting down the days until she is old enough to become a GM! I am so thankful for Ms. Jody and GamED Academy¬†and I know my girls are too!

    Carrie , U.S.A — May 31, 2015
  • A great supplement to K12!

    We are completing our second session. It has been a great way to get my son back into learning. We also are in K12 independent. He had problems with the public school so we tried the independent but without having the teacher support he has not been doing well. We also have recently had a huge traumatic upheaval in our lives and MCS has helped him keep his mind off sad events. He has finally started to regain his love of history and I hope to see even more classes in the future. MCS has also been an opportunity for an only child to find some great new friends.

    Tracy, from our Facebook page — May 30, 2015
  • They help develop student character!

    All three of my children love Minecraft Schooling. It has become an valuable part of our homeschool. My children have learned a lot, made wonderful friends and have stepped up to leadership opportunities. When my son was temporarily banned for bad behavior, I was kept informed, the punishment fit the crime and I felt that the administration at GamED Academy¬†were more interested in developing my son’s character than simply issuing a punishment. Thanks for all you do!

    Larae, mom to ants_venom, JumpingJosiah and EllaTheDogLover — May 30, 2015
  • They learn while they play!

    Both my children love Minecraft, but I don’t particularly love how much time they like to spend playing. Minecraft Schooling¬†provided an AWESOME solution….they learn while they play!

    Jana, from our Facebook page — May 30, 2015
  • Older students learn leadership!

    Minecraft Schooling¬†is amazing! Our son first got started with it during last year’s summer camp. It is an awesome program. As they get older, they also can have the chance to become a GM (game master) and help other kids out on the server. Helps with learning things, as well as leadership skills. We love it!

    Candace, from the Facebook page — May 30, 2015
  • Learn accountability!

    My son really really enjoyed Minecraft schooling. It also taught him a bit about accountability having to check his assignments and doing well on them to get a good grade. I like it because I know he is learning while doing something he really enjoys.

    Amanda, from our Facebook page — May 30, 2015
  • It is AWESOME!

    We just completed our first class. It was awesome. I loved everything about Minecraft schooling and how the program was structured. We will definitely be enrolling in future classes.

    Deanna, from our Facebook page — May 30, 2015
  • Perfect for 7th grade history!

    My son just completed his first session of Minecraft schooling and¬†we couldn’t be happier!! He took 7 Wonders of the Ancient world to complete 6th grade History for the school year, it was a wonderful learning experience. We have already decided that he will complete all of his 7th grade History next school year with GamED Academy’s program. Ms. Jody and Staff are amazing and we couldn’t ask for better classmates!!!

    Ashlie (Mom of sandbastage11), — May 29, 2015
  • We are so glad we found MCHS!

    My daughter has loved her first class and I don’t see her stopping anytime soon. Not only has it helped her learning about Maya culture but also spelling, typing and working in a team. This school is amazing and we are so happy to have found it. Thanks Ms Jody!!!

    Brandi, Mom of Student — April, 2015
  • They still LOVE Minecraft Homeschool!

    My boys love minecraft schooling. In fact so much that they inspired their older sister, who didn’t want to take courses at first, to build the lost city of Mohenjo-daro! They loved that they got to choose what they signed up for. Sometimes they don’t want to do some of the reading, but they always love the videos and the build and can tell me all sorts of cool things they learned. There is a huge amount of creativity involved. In fact they’ve gotten some really great ideas from the experience and STILL love Minecraft.

    Aimee, mom of 3 MCHS students — 2015