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Thank you for your interest in our program! 

Before enrolling, please make sure that you own a copy of Minecraft: Java Edition. This may be purchased at Minecraft.net or as a game card from stores such as Walmart, GameStop, or Best Buy.  Please note that the Bedrock and Windows 10 editions of Minecraft are entirely separate games and will not work with our program

Program Overview

Each self-paced course includes the following:

  • “Getting Started” week that includes an orientation lesson and practice Minecraft assignment
  • six academic units designed to be completed at a rate of one per week
  • two or more live events per week (optional)
  • access to our Minecraft server with weekly Minecraft builds that solidify your learning
  • 24/7 phone support and in-game staff and moderators

Available Courses:

Our curriculum is designed to replace or supplement traditional curriculum. All of our courses include exciting lessons, creative Minecraft builds, weekly live events, new friends, Minecraft minigames, and more! Find out if learning with Minecraft is the right experience for you. Click the links below to find out more

Pre-Readers + Parents (Ages 5 – 8)

Grade Level: 2 – 4 (Ages 8 – 10)

Grade Level: 5 – 7 (Ages 10 – 14)

Grade Level: 8 – 12 (Ages 14 – 18)

Enroll in Individual Sessions or a Monthly Subscription

All of our courses are available to both session and subscription enrollments:

Subscription Enrollment

  • Pay per month.
  • Receive access within 24 hours.
  • Work at your own pace.


Minecraft & Live Events Only$10.95/month

* portfolios are available upon request at no extra charge

The GamED Academy Subscription Program is designed for students who like the flexibility of setting their own calendars.  Pay monthly, pick your course(s), and when you are done email us to painlessly transfer into the next course of your choosing without having to repeat orientation each time.

Multiple students? Enroll the whole family in our family subscription for just $49.95/month (click below and choose family on the next page)

Session Enrollment

  • Pay per Course
  • Receive access at session start date



Our GamED Academy sessions are perfect for students who prefer the extra nudge of a deadline to help keep them on track. Work with a set start date and end date for your course with 1 week dedicated to orientation followed by 6 weeks of learning fun!

View Session Calendar Here

Currently Enrolling: 2024 Spring C (4/15 – 5/31)

If you have any questions or would like help choosing a course, please email us at info@GamEDAcademy.com or call us at 828-649-8334.