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My son has been diagnosed with ADHD and high-functioning Aspergers……He definitely responds well to lots of encouragement. I have been so thankful to see that he loves learning through these classes—or is at least willing to learn even if it’s something a bit more challenging, involves more reading, or may not be as interesting to him, which is a huge deal! He really cares about how well he does on the quizzes too, which is also huge! It suits his learning style very well and I think he likes having some input in choosing his courses. I feel like the format is so great for learning a lot of information in short periods of time—and my son has been enjoying the builds too! I might have to adjust some of the builds to suit him and what he can handle. Writing essays is not something he’s able to do at this time though. We are excited to start another session with your team! 🙂