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First of all, I’d like to state what I like about Minecraft Schooling in its entirety. GamED Academy’s layout provides fun and thought-provoking build challenges, while also making it SO easy to make friends on the server.
Now, I’d like to point out a thing specific about session V, “The Quintet” as we call it.  Basically, it’s a group of five friends that makes builds together and does stuff together and has so much fun!  The Quintet consists of 5 players from around the world. Like I said, it’s so easy to make friends on the server.  We have an entire group of five! There were so many exciting things that happened if I were to mention them all it would need a billion words!  So I decided to target the most delightful part. The Quintet has been so much fun, and all that has come from Session V.  Your #1 Fan