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My son loves Minecraft Schooling because he says he learns new things about Minecraft & real life at the same time.  My daughter loves that she can learn about nature & meet new friends.  I love that my son has taken a renewed interest in learning by taking a game he loves & putting new aspects on it.  The builds require creativity & thought.  The students apply the knowledge from the lessons and create actual works of art in the Minecraft world.  The student interactions, via TeamSpeak or typing, allows instant feedback for my ADHD son. The teamwork challenges have enhanced his social skills over the last few sessions.  The Upper levels provide enough challenges without being overwhelming while the lower levels allow enhancement of skills & knowledge in those lessons.  I love the variety of classes available & my children are excited to take a new class in the upcoming sessions.  Overall, GamED Academy has provided a positive & enjoyable learning atmosphere for my children & that makes one happy momma!