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GamED Academy really is like a second family to me. From a student in Session 1 of 2014, to a staff member in Session 1 of 2015, I’ve always been treated with kindness, and like everyone is my friend. I’m so glad my mom found GamED Academy because I’ve made so many friends here, hopefully for life. The classes are great – there’s not too much or too little packed into each week, it’s just enough to learn a lot. But GamED has taught me more than what I learned in classes. It’s helped me to be a leader, and to not just focus on what I want, but to focus on other people. I love how each week is set up; with classes being of most importance, and when students are done their classwork, there’s many mini-games, and 1-2 live events with staff each week (and lots more on party week). In conclusion, GamED was and is by far one of my top favorite things we found. I would recommend it to anyone considering joining, because I know they’ll be treated like I was: with kindness, friendship, and respect. Thank you Ms. Jody and Xander for coming up with this idea!!