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I also wanted to tell you how much we like GamED.  I’ve been amazed  by all that my daughter has learned since starting the GamED courses- and  I don’t even mean what she’s learned from the courses themselves!  Just playing with the other kids has taught her so much. Her spelling ability has increased exponentially and her interest in spelling has also increased. She wants the other kids to be able to  understand and read what she writes, so she actually is trying to  learn how to spell words. She has also learned how to use Google to search for instructions for how to do things in Minecraft. I also  feel like the Sandbox gives her a great social opportunity. She is  collaborating, negotiating, bartering, and playing with other kids.  It is similar to a school playground experience, but better in many  ways because they are mixed age children, there are some ground  rules, and the kids know they are being monitored so there isn’t the chance of bullying.