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I just have to say I think Minecraft School[ing] is awesome. It’s unlocked the brilliance I knew my son had in him and he’s doing amazing things with what he’s learned. His first class was the Redstone Academy. He struggled at first but it eventually clicked for him and when the class was over he started building his own game for Minecraft. He based it off his favorite game and said when he’s done he will make it available as a map for anyone to download and play. He went from just using Redstone, to learning how to use command blocks, to learning how to write code. When he has a question or wants to learn something new he’s learned how to search for it. His reading has improved tremendously and his vocabulary is incredible. What’s he’s built is amazing and he’s only 8. He said it was homeschool that got him started and he’s found his confidence. He hopes to one day work for Mojang or make his own games. I know the possibilities are endless for him. I can’t say enough about GamED Academy! Thank you!