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  • 10.  Whitelisting

    10. Whitelisting

    What is "whitelisting"?   When you join our program, the Minecraft.net username associated with the enrollment is placed on a list that allows access to a server.   Who can be whitelisted?  Anyone can be whitelisted as long as they have submitted a paid enrollment with all of the required information.  If there is inaccurate information on

  • 09. What is the grading wizard?

    The "grading wizard" is our in-game grading system for providing grades and feedback on Minecraft builds only. Each build challenge in our curriculum contains instructions for setting a build so that it registers in our grader system.  That information, when set correctly, teleports our staff to a student's build to provide grades and feedback.  This

  • 08. Downloading a map

    When our class maps and fun maps are made available for download at the end of a session, you may find the link to them on Week 6 of your assignments page and follow the directions below: Search %appdata% and go to roaming>.minecraft>saves and put the world folder you downloaded into that saves folder. Open

  • 07. My student’s build was damaged!

    There are a couple of reasons this can happen. Most importantly, reassure your student that we have the administrative tools to undo the damage within seconds. What To Do Please stand at the build and type /getpos. Next, email your username, the name of the map that this happened on, and the X, Y, and

  • 02. I need your server name and IP!

    This information is located in our assignment portal within the Orientation lesson. If you are currently enrolled in a session, please refer to this information if you have computer issues or connection issues and have to re-enter the information to regain access.   Did this answer your question?Yes   NoAdditional CommentsSend Feedback

  • 04. Connection Errors other than Whitelisting

    If you receive an "internal exception" or "end of stream" error then there is a problem with your local computer or internet connection. Please try all of these things before emailing us to set up a support call. 1) Internet Speed - This error may mean that your internet connection speed is not fast enough or

  • 05. Red X on server monitor and “Can’t resolve hostname”

    Please make sure that you are running the latest version of Minecraft. You can check this by launching Minecraft and in the lower left hand corner clicking Edit Profile. The Use Version should be set to Use Latest. Next, check that you have the server IP correctly set. You can find the IP in the

  • 06. My student changed their username and now they’re not whitelisted!

    06. My student changed their username and now they’re not whitelisted!

    If your student changes their minecraft.net username during a session, send us an email at info@GamEDAcademy.com we will update our system as soon as possible.  Please have them log into the assignment portal immediately and update their username in the minecraft.net username slot within their profile settings, especially if they are in a graded course.

  • 03. I’m not whitelisted!

    This error displays if you have not provided us with the correct Minecraft.net username. If you are logged into the game, the following steps will work: 1) Launch the Game 2) Before you click the Play button, look in the lower right hand corner. 3) You will see Welcome, USERNAME… 4) You need to email

  • 01. How secure is your server?

    We have a full enrollment form that requires all contact information. Our Minecraft systems log every single thing typed by every single player, whether it is sent as a private or public communication. Our administrators in game have full visibility to all private and public messages. We also have a chat filter that blocks a long