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There are a couple of reasons this can happen. Most importantly, reassure your student that we have the administrative tools to undo the damage within seconds. What To Do Please stand at the build and type /getpos. Next, email your username, the name of the map that this happened on, and the X, Y, and Z coordinates the/getpos command gave you, to info@GamEDAcademy.com. A server admin will login and reverse the damage. We will then contact the parents of the student that did the damage to help them through the situation as well. How to Prevent This Please begin by reviewing the land claim tutorial. If their build is properly claimed then no one can make changes. https://youtu.be/ctgGCyTc7fQ Another reason that a build can be damaged is that they have trusted someone on their property that did damage to it. Our suggestion is to always use /untrust all before leaving a claim unless you know the person in real life.

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