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The "grading wizard" is our in-game grading system for providing grades and feedback on Minecraft builds only. Each build challenge in our curriculum contains instructions for setting a build so that it registers in our grader system.  That information, when set correctly, teleports our staff to a student's build to provide grades and feedback.  This system relies on several bits of information in order to accurately record grades. When in game, your student will need to use the instructions provided within their build challenge, and then they will need to follow the prompts that the wizard provides. Troubleshooting: Should you find that the wizard is not recognizing a course for which you are enrolled, please email us at info@GamEDAcademy.com so we can look into it. If you are setting a build and receive a message that says, "you are already in the wizard", type /abort and try to set your build again. If your student is missing a build grade, please refer to our "I'm missing a grade!" FAQ.

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