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  • 01. Program Overview

    Thank you for your interest in our program!   This is a program designed to use the Minecraft game to create a fun, enjoyable learning experience for your students.  We have a wide range of courses we offer.  We have broken our courses into age/grade categories to help you find the appropriate level of learning material

  • 12. What is the structure/time frame for classes?

    Our program is an online only program.  We do not meet anywhere or have certain class times.  When you enroll in a course for a certain session, the only time frames that are involved are the 6 week session itself and the Sunday/Monday release of each week's assignments with the deadline for completion typically being

  • 11. We don’t live in the U.S., can we participate?

    We have many students enrolled in Minecraft School who come from a wide range of cultural backgrounds.  Students from Canada, Peru, Ecuador, the UK, Spain, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Israel, Slovenia, Afghanistan, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries.  Six of the seven continents are filled with youth that not only love Minecraft, but want

  • 10. What forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club. We also accept payments via Paypal. Did this answer your question?Yes   NoAdditional CommentsSend Feedback

  • 09. Enrolling a group

    We generally consider a group to be 10 or more students. At that point you can enroll via a spreadsheet that we provide. Once we have the spreadsheet back from you, we will bill you on a single paypal invoice. The prices for a group are the same as single student enrollments, however we offer

  • 03. I want to sign up! What do I do?

    The first step to enrolling in our program is to make sure you have the computer version of Minecraft set up.  If this is not set up before enrolling, there may be a delay in your student's ability to start their course on time.  Please be sure to get this set up first. When that

  • 02. Can my students share a Minecraft game account?

    02. Can my students share a Minecraft game account?

    If you are enrolling your students in a "Graded" class, they will need their own $26.95 Minecraft.net computer game accounts. If you would like your students to be able to access our servers at the same time to work on their in-game projects, they will also need separate accounts. In any other scenario, you are

  • 06. I didn’t receive a payment receipt.

    If you receive the enrollment confirmation email but do not receive a payment confirmation email, please try re-enrolling your student, as all unpaid enrollments will automatically be deleted from our system. If you continue to have trouble, please send us an email at info@GamEDAcademy.com and we will send you a Paypal invoice. Did this answer your

  • 05. I didn’t receive an enrollment confirmation email.

    If you are missing the enrollment confirmation email but received the payment receipt confirming payment, please email us at info@GamEDAcademy.com and we will send you a copy of your enrollment. We will also verify that the email address you provided is correct, so please include the email address to which you want all communications with MCS

  • 04. I just enrolled. What is next?

    Thank you! You should receive 2 emails upon enrollment: a confirmation email and a payment email.  Your confirmation email is a copy of your enrollment.  Your payment email is an email you receive with proof that you have paid for your enrollment.  Please contact us as soon as possible at info@GamEDAcademy.com if either of these

  • 08. Is this a full time school?

    This is a supplemental program that is designed to work alongside a core curriculum. Students can take as many or as few classes as they would like. As the parent, you can decide how you would like to customize our courses to fit your educational goals for your student. They can work on their assignments

  • 07. Can I use the Xbox or a tablet, iPad, Kindle, etc.?

    We do have parents that utilize just our out of game curriculum and do not connect to our Minecraft servers for the build portion. If you want to access our Minecraft servers for team build projects, mini games and to have your student work with classmates, then you would need the computer version of Minecraft.