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You should receive 2 emails upon enrollment: a confirmation email and a payment email.  Your confirmation email is a copy of your enrollment.  Your payment email is an email you receive with proof that you have paid for your enrollment.  Please contact us as soon as possible at info@GamEDAcademy.com if either of these emails is missing, as your enrollment will not be valid unless you receive both.  Please mark the session dates on your calendar. The next email you will receive, for new students, will be the access email to your new portal account and Student Activity Center + Orientation.  That will arrive the day your class is scheduled to start-- assuming you enroll early.  The Orientation lesson should be completed before beginning your course, even for returning students.  All courses will be added to student accounts on day 1 of the session in which you are enrolled.  Please log in first thing that day and email us immediately if any course is missing or incorrect. For returning students, your access to the Student Activity center access will remain in place and your new course(s) will be added to your account on day 1 of the session in which you are enrolled. For enrollments received after our Orientation week starts, you will receive program access within 24-48 hours of enrollment. Please note, there are times when our emails end up in spam folders, lost in the cyber world, or even bounced back because of a typo on an enrollment form.  We ask that you add info@GamEDAcademy.com to your address book and email us as soon as possible if by chance you do not receive your access emails on time. Also, there are times when we will merge the Orientation access with the Course access which would create only 1 email to cover both. Special Note–Since the launch of Windows 10, many parents are purchasing Minecraft: Windows 10 edition.  It is an adaptation of the Pocket Edition and isn’t compatible with computer version Minecraft servers.  Please make sure that you have purchased the $26.95 computer version of Minecraft for PC/Mac via Minecraft.net.  

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