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Thank you for your interest in our program!   This is a program designed to use the Minecraft game to create a fun, enjoyable learning experience for your students.  We have a wide range of courses we offer.  We have broken our courses into age/grade categories to help you find the appropriate level of learning material for your student.  Within our courses are challenges to build within the Minecraft game, in a server environment, for the purpose of re-enforcing the learning material in an amazingly creative way, while also allowing the ability to interact with other students.  We also host live events, scavenger hunts, and team build challenges! Our curriculum is delivered on a separate website, our "learning portal", and is accessible only to students who have enrolled in the program.  Students who enroll will have an account set up for them via our staff, and will be sent login information to access their courses.  All students will automatically receive their courses on the session start dates or shortly after enrolling. Our Minecraft server is separate from our learning portal.  Students connect to our Minecraft server via the game itself through the Multiplayer setting.  This server is whitelisted, meaning that only the students with paid enrollments, and approved parent moderators, are put on our "list" and are able to access our server.  It is not an open, public server.

6 Week Courses

Our 6 week courses are structured to be completed within the 7 week time frame of the session for which your student is enrolled, with Friday night assignment deadlines for graded students to submit work.   This gives students more flexibility to complete their lessons around their regular schooling.  We open up each session with an "Orientation Week", followed by 6 weeks of curriculum and projects.  Enrolling before the Orientation week starts is most beneficial for your student's success.  This is an opportunity for your students to get acquainted with our assignment delivery system and our Minecraft server before classes actually begin.  Once our orientation week has begun, we import enrollments and send access information each night until session enrollments close.

Monthly Subscriptions

Our monthly subscription program is completely "work at your own pace", and is currently ungraded.  It is a monthly, automatically renewed subscription that will remain in place until you initiate cancellation. Once enrolled, your students will be processed and set up within 72 hours.  Our subscription option also offers the ability to switch courses within our subscription line-up.  For instance, if you enroll your student in our Mindbytes Science program, and 3 months later, you'd like to do History instead, you can email us, and we will switch out the course at no extra charge.  

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