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  • 09. Subscriptions

    In addition to our 6 week academic courses, we offer our Mindbytes Subscription program.   This program offers the opportunity for your student to gain access to age-appropriate lessons with coordinating build challenges, allowing them flexibility to work at their own pace with no deadlines.  It is a great option for supplemental learning combined with

  • 08. Portfolio Option

    We have begun offering a portfolio option with our courses this year.  This portfolio option is only available to graded students. What this offers is a .pdf file sent to your inbox 2-3 weeks after a course has been completed.  This includes any grades your student received and screen shots of their amazing build projects.

  • 07. Graded vs. Ungraded

    In our typical 6-week course selection, you will find that you can choose a standard course, which is ungraded, or you can choose a graded course.  With graded courses, your student will receive grades and feedback on their builds as well as other activities that are available in their course, such as essays. All students

  • 06. SiteLock Error

    This is caused by site overload. Please wait about 30 minutes and try again. This usually only happens within the first few days of the session due to excessive site load.  It is temporary. Did this answer your question?Yes   NoAdditional CommentsSend Feedback

  • 05. What is the assignment portal?

    We deliver all of our curriculum through a Moodle based website. This delivery method is actually similar to how most colleges deliver curriculum and is great practice for your student. Please do not attempt to enroll in our program or access our curriculum without submitting a paid enrollment via gamedacademy.com. It is a common misconception

  • 02. Do your classes count for credits?

    We are not accredited, so we do not assign credit hours to the students. However, our Charter School partners have given us some advice on this topic. At the Core-Upper level it takes between 30 and 45 hours to complete the 6 week course. This is sufficient time in most states to earn .5 credits

  • 01. Can I enroll my student in more than one class?

    Yes. Students generally take 1 class per session, however many middle and high school students successfully take 2 or 3 classes per session once they are comfortable with how our systems work. Did this answer your question?Yes   NoAdditional CommentsSend Feedback

  • 03. Where can I find my grades?

    In our server, your student can type /veiwgrades from the hub or their build map and it will show them what assignments have been submitted and what has been graded, as well as teacher feedback. You can also log onto the assignment portal and select the course for which you want to see grades. Located in the

  • 04. I’m missing a grade!

    There are a few different reasons why your student may be missing grades in their grade sheet. Most commonly, students forget to type /setbuild for their Build-it assignment or /setrs for their redstone assignment. If they forget, it doesn't show up in our grading system when staff evaluates builds each weekend.  They will need to go