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There are a few different reasons why your student may be missing grades in their grade sheet.
  1. Most commonly, students forget to type /setbuild for their Build-it assignment or /setrs for their redstone assignment. If they forget, it doesn't show up in our grading system when staff evaluates builds each weekend.  They will need to go back to their builds and follow the directions for properly setting them.
  2. Another reason could be a Minecraft.net username mismatch. If your student has an account established on the assignment portal and then changes their username with Minecraft.net, it would need to be updated in the student profile settings in the assignment portal as well.  If it is not updated, their grades will not import to their grade sheet. Please make sure your student's Minecraft.net username is up to date.
  3. If your student's assignment portal account was set up but the name in the Minecraft.net username  slot within their profile does not match the name they are using in game (which is their real Minecraft.net username) then their grades will not import properly to their grade sheet.  That information needs to be updated as soon as possible.
  4. We do have students that build their assignments on the wrong map.  In this case they would receive an error when trying to set their build.  If they ignore it and continue building without telling a parent, grades will not be registered.
  5.  We do have parents and students that thought they were enrolled in graded courses when they actually weren't.  Please be sure to double check your enrollment to verify your student is enrolled in a graded course.

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