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In our typical 6-week course selection, you will find that you can choose a standard course, which is ungraded, or you can choose a graded course.  With graded courses, your student will receive grades and feedback on their builds as well as other activities that are available in their course, such as essays. All students will receive grades on their quizzes, as they are auto-graded by the system. Please be sure of whether or not you want your student to receive grades and feedback on their builds.  It is usually encouraging for the student to know we are seeing their accomplishments in game, and they typically enjoy the feedback.  If they are just enrolled in a standard course, they will not receive that. We usually get several emails from parents thinking they've enrolled in a graded course when in fact they did not.  Backtracking to switch the student over to graded once they've started can cause complications within our system which usually equals frustration for the parent and student, both.  To avoid that, please carefully consider now what your preference is. Also, the Portfolio option is only available to students in GRADED courses.  This will be in .pdf format delivered to your inbox 2-3 weeks after the session closes. This will include your student's grades and feedback, as well as screen shots of their build assignments.  Please review the Portfolio FAQ for more information.

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