• Your Course Starts Monday!

    Your Course Starts Monday!

    **NEW** START ANY TIME MODEL – Coming May 1st, we will be launching the ability for a student to start our 6 week courses at...

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  • Learning with Minecraft…

    Learning with Minecraft…

    Exciting Academic Curriculum, Safe & Monitored Minecraft Servers, Voice Chat with Peers, Growing Social Skills, Team Building, Creativity and Fun! With courses in History, Science, Creative Writing...

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NOW ENROLLING IN SESSION 5 - ORIENTATION STARTS APRIL 10 Or join MindBytes and start tomorrow!


Benefits of Minecraft schooling…

Learning is FUN! Students are assigned weekly lessons that include online videos and articles, with exciting Minecraft build projects to prove their comprehension of the learning material.

Teamwork is required! Students must learn to work together in game and respect each other’s space to maximize results.

Technology is here to stay! Increased typing proficiency, improved communication skills on voice chat servers, and blossoming visual design and creativity on the Minecraft servers are all side effects of living in a Minecraft world.

Fits Your Schedule! Assignments are due weekly on Friday. You can study, perform build tasks, and work with classmates on your own schedule.

International Culture Exposure! With students ranging from Thailand and Australia to Hawaii and the Philippines, learning about cultures and making friends from around the world is an amazing bonus!

What are people saying about Minecraft schooling?

  • An inviting experience conducive to learning and building relationships!

    I highly recommend GamED Academy for academics, independent learning, leadership, support, relationships, and just plain fun! My daughter has taken several classes, learning about history and entrepreneurship through Minecraft in ways that I could not otherwise provide here at home. Moreover, she quickly became interested in getting more involved and helping others, and she has worked her way up the staff ranks to the highest level a teen can hold. She is gaining invaluable experience in leading and mentoring others, and in creating an inviting experience that’s conducive to learning and building relationships within GamED’s admirably high standards. She has also developed remarkably close friendships with other staff members and students, and the house rings with laughter when she’s online with the team. I applaud Ms. Jody and the other GamED adults who have so carefully and caringly afforded my daughter and so many others this unique opportunity to shine.

    Lisa, — December 2016
  • Like a family!

    GamED Academy really is like a second family to me. From a student in Session 1 of 2014, to a staff member in Session 1 of 2015, I’ve always been treated with kindness, and like everyone is my friend. I’m so glad my mom found GamED Academy because I’ve made so many friends here, hopefully for life. The classes are great – there’s not too much or too little packed into each week, it’s just enough to learn a lot. But GamED has taught me more than what I learned in classes. It’s helped me to be a leader, and to not just focus on what I want, but to focus on other people. I love how each week is set up; with classes being of most importance, and when students are done their classwork, there’s many mini-games, and 1-2 live events with staff each week (and lots more on party week). In conclusion, GamED was and is by far one of my top favorite things we found. I would recommend it to anyone considering joining, because I know they’ll be treated like I was: with kindness, friendship, and respect. Thank you Ms. Jody and Xander for coming up with this idea!!

    Kelly, — December 2016
  • Such a huge difference in our son’s life!

    I was really thrilled with your program (though our timing with taking 2 classes and a vacation was a lesson well learned!), and Thomas was really excited as the weeks passed. We have been homeschooling since September and he was a very reluctant learner in the past– and an even more reluctant writer. Our first writing assignments were met with extreme opposition, but the last assignments, though still hard for him, were amazing to watch as he figured out things like “maybe I should take notes while I watch this video”. He self-initiated re-watching videos figuring out, on his own, that he needed to hear information multiple times. He LOVED the videos for Castles, and once we got into the groove, he really enjoyed the builds, figuring out challenging Redstone tasks, and making friends on the GamED server. Thomas has autism and it is very hard for him to navigate social situations. Being able to interact with other kids on the server allows him to practice and to learn how to develop interactions through a shared interest. It was so great to watch peers jump in and ask what they could help with on assignments. The encouragement with notes from instructor grading really helped build his confidence. I just wanted to say thanks.  While I’m sure you hear from other folks that you have made a difference in their child’s life, you have made a huge difference in our son’s life. Thank you.

    Maureen, — May 2016