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recessHello everybody! I’m RecessMaster101 or [Developer] Recess. I’ve been with GamED Academy since session 4 of 2015. I’ve been playing Minecraft for almost 3-4 years, 80% being experience in pocket edition. Since there was no redstone in pocket edition I did pixel art and once I got minecraft for the PC, about a week before I started with GamED Academy, I took up redstone and would consider myself and intermediate redstoner. I’m also good at thinking outside of the box… or in this case ‘boxes’ (pun intended). I’ve used a little block trickery to make a working, playable mini golf course. Though it’s probably been done, I think I put a nice spin on it. I also discovered an easy way to make a realistic chain lift for a roller coaster.


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  • Position Title: Developer