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  • 10. Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition

    Since the launch of Windows 10, many parents are purchasing Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition for their computers.  It is an adaptation of the Pocket Edition and is NOT compatible with computer version Minecraft servers and will not work with our program. Please make sure that you have purchased the $26.95 computer version of Minecraft for

  • 08. Minecraft Username

    08. Minecraft Username

    The Minecraft username, also known as a Minecraft.net username, is the username you would have chosen for your game account when you purchased it for the computer.  You can look at that account as kind of like a robot, if you will.  You purchased your game account (robot) and you gave it a name (Minecraft

  • 07. What is the PE version of Minecraft?

    The PE version of Minecraft-- short for "Pocket Edition" -- is one of the platforms on which the game of Minecraft is available.  It is downloadable via an app store, generally for Android and Apple devices such as Kindle, Ipad, Ipod, etc. Our server is not available through the PE platform.  If you want your student

  • 05. How do I take a screen shot?

    For Mac:  While in game, hold Fn, press F2. To find your screen shot, open your Minecraft launcher, click Edit Profile, Open Game Dir, find the Screen Shots folder. For PC:  While in game, press F2.  Follow the steps above to access the screen shots. Did this answer your question?Yes   NoAdditional CommentsSend Feedback

  • 03. What version of Minecraft do I need?

    Our program utilizes the computer version of Minecraft.  Desktops and laptops, PCs and/or Macs can be used for the computer version. Once you have Minecraft installed on your computer, you will need to make sure you are on the latest release version of Minecraft (1.16.5 as of this writing).  You can also select "latest version"

  • 02. What are the hardware requirements for my computer?

    According to Gamepedia, these are the suggested requirements: Java Runtime Environment 6 (jre6u29) or up is required to be able to run the game. Note that these requirements are for the game only you will need to allocate more resources to the OS! Intel's GL960/GM965 Express chipset drivers do not support OpenGL 2.1 under Windows

  • 04. How do I set up TeamSpeak?

    Prior to class starting, you will receive a welcome email with directions on enrolling in your course material on our assignment portal. One of the first tasks in your portal is an orientation process. As part of that orientation process, we will provide detailed tutorials on installing and configuring TeamSpeak for use with our courses.

  • 06. I can’t get my chat to work!

    For chat errors such as "you cannot type in chat" or "you cannot send message",  you will need to access your chat settings in game: To turn on chatting in game, please launch Minecraft and click Play > Options > Chat Settings. Make sure the upper left hand button says Chat:Shown. To type in game,

  • 01. Purchasing Minecraft for the computer

    Minecraft on the computer operates with game accounts. Once a student owns a game account, they are able to login to Minecraft on any computer that has the game installed. To purchase one of these accounts, please go to Minecraft.net and click the Get Minecraft button. It will have you create a Mojang account. Once