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Minecraft on the computer operates with game accounts. Once a student owns a game account, they are able to login to Minecraft on any computer that has the game installed. To purchase one of these accounts, please go to Minecraft.net and click the Get Minecraft button. It will have you create a Mojang account. Once your account is created then you can use the Store to purchase the $26.95 computer Minecraft account. Keep in mind that the username that you create is the username that will display when your student is in game. We recommend staying away from using parts of their legal name in this username. Once you have purchased the game, you can download it by clicking here. When you have purchased and downloaded the game, then you are ready to enroll in one of our classes.   Special Note–Since the launch of Windows 10, many parents are purchasing Minecraft: Windows 10 edition.  It is an adaptation of the Pocket Edition and isn’t compatible with computer version Minecraft servers.  Please make sure that you have purchased the $26.95 computer version of Minecraft for PC/Mac via Minecraft.net.

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