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The Adventure


Quick, name 10 living things! Did you pick algae, cnidarians, monotremes, or how about coral or bacteria? Our world is filled with an amazing number of living creatures!

In this 6 week adventure we are going to look at how these living things are categorized and then have fun studying some of the more unusual creatures! Join us as we dive into the oceans, investigate volcanic craters, and shiver in the Arctic Circle on our adventure to understand the diversity of life on planet Earth!

Weekly Highlights

Week 1 – Kingdoms and Classification
Week 2 – Bacteria &  Bats
Week 3 – Monotremes & Fungi
Week 4 – Algae & Protozoa
Week 5 – Coral & Carnivorous Plants
Week 6 – Capstone Project


Course Information

  • Course Code: SC-Diversity
  • Course Location: Online - Computer Minecraft
  • Course Delivery: Assignment Portal
  • Course Duration: 6 weeks
  • Contacts: info@GamEDAcademy.com