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Our Winter Camp includes all that you have come to know and love about GamED Academy classes with a lighter feel so that you still have fun, hands on learning and interaction with your peers over the holiday break!

Holiday Celebrations

Join us as we take a look at how the world celebrates the holiday season. We will begin by taking a look at Christmas traditions around the world – Does everyone eat turkey? What’s the deal with Christmas crackers? KFC for Christmas dinner – really? Then, we’ll move onto New Year and discover how different countries around the world welcome in the New Year. Are there any strange traditions centered around the beginning of a New Year? What are black-eyed peas and what does it mean to go first-footing? We will end our course with a look at Twelfth Night and what it means and then look at the Chinese New year which doesn’t even begin on January 1st – How is that possible?

Week 1 — Christmas Around the World
Week 2 — Welcoming a New Year
Week 3 — Twelfth Night and Chinese New Year

This course runs from Dec. 17th to Jan. 4th

Cost: $8