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Ever wondered how so many of the things we take for granted came to be? This summer, virtually shop with us as we discover the masterminds that decided life needed jeans, KFC, and even Minecraft. Enter the GamED shopping mall, check out our world class stores and take in a musical while you fill your summer with the best retail therapy!


The Director’s Cut


Join with us as we journey with some of the greatest movie producers of all time. We will Go Back to the Future to learn about Walt Disney and discover A New Hope in Steven Spielberg. This is sure to be an action packed Megamind Summer Camp that will be too Incredible for words!

These are two 6-week courses that can be purchased separately or combined together into a summer bundle for 12 weeks of summer fun plus a bonus 2 weeks of additional access to our servers and live events!

Only want to take one of these? Sign up for either Session 6 or 0 this summer and simply specify the individual course you would like to take here.

Or, sign up for both in our discounted 2020 Summer Bundle and using the link below:


$35 -> $33$45 -> $40$50 -> $45