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NANOI have been doing MCS since session 1 of 2014 and I love it! I have been home schooled my entire life, so I had never really been out of my comfort zone until the spring of 2010; that was the year I moved from Washington state to Minnesota. I moved away from all of my friends and had to start over. Since then I have made amazing life long friends in my youth group. When I started with GamED Academy it was something new and exciting.  I immediately admired GMs and Captains, so as soon as I could I signed up for GM. I did 3 sessions of that and took a break from MCS for 5 months. After those 5 months, I was allowed to do MCS again.  The staff welcomed me back with Captain rank, and after 2 sessions passed, I asked for HeadGM and here I am!


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  • Position Title: HeadGM