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2016-05-26_15-24-58Hiya~ I’m carolinacanuck! I first started MCS in the summer of 2014. One of the first people I met was ZerosSoCute back when she was a student. The following session I met THE_NANO_MAN.  In session 2 of 2014-2015 school year I got my first GM rank. Then after 3 sessions as a GM I became a Captain and stayed as a one for a total of 4 sessions. Now, I am an architect and I am really enjoying it!
I love to build redstone contraptions and big projects. In life outside of Minecraft, I like to play pretty much any type of hockey and many other sports, and listening to audio books while solving one of my many Rubik’s Cubes. I also enjoy being a sound technician at my church.


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  • Position Title: Architect