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RiahUntil my mother discovered Minecraft School in July of 2014, I hadn’t had much interest in Minecraft. I played the Pocket Edition and the Xbox Edition of Minecraft before buying the PC edition of the game specifically for MCS.  I’ve been a student/moderator with MCS since September of 2014, and I loved my first session.

Since I’ve started, I’ve come a great distance and learned so many things!  I thank God every day for the opportunity to be helpful somewhere, and I thank several of our other staff members for teaching me a lot of the things I know about Minecraft servers and computers alike.  I absolutely adore hanging out with the students in game and getting to know some of them.   The kids are really what make the program so enjoyable for me.  I really enjoy being apart of what they have fun doing!  I love meeting new students and seeing others come back each session.  The occasional late night or early morning things I do in Minecraft is all to make their experiences more enjoyable and memorable for them.

Outside of MCS, I play clarinet, flute, bells (kind of like a xylophone), and violin (I would also love to learn bass clarinet and bassoon!) in a local home school band, and I enjoy bowling in leagues at my local bowling center as well as in our youth travel league.  I’ve also taught myself how to crochet and I’m learning the art of stained glass and, very soon, computer building (thanks to other staff members’ willingness to help me!).  I’m VERY grateful to be a part of helping Minecraft School grow, and I have enjoyed watching it blossom over the last 2 years into what it is today.  It’s been such an amazing experience and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!



Contact Information

  • Position Title: Server Admin
  • Location: Texas
  • E-mail address: info@gamedacademy.com