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Exciting Academic Curriculum, Safe & Monitored Minecraft Servers, Voice Chat with Peers, Growing Social Skills, Team Building, Creativity and Fun! With courses in History, Science, Creative Writing , World Studies, Geography and more, it is a great choice for adding excitement to your education!

Great Curriculum! 

Each course is authored by experienced teachers, authors, or subject experts who are intent on providing excellent academic value to your student.  Each course provides a unique learning experience that is made up of a combination of videos, reading materials, and hands on experiments outside of the computer environment. 3 to 6 activities per week, depending on grade level, are provided to engage your student in the topic of study.

Safe Minecraft Servers

We have a full enrollment form that requires all contact information for the parent and logs the IP/location of the person enrolling. Our Minecraft systems log everything typed by each player, whether it is sent as a private or public communication. Our administrators in game have full visibility to all private and public messages. Our chat filtering keeps a long list of negative words from ever reaching the screen and immediately notifies us when one of these words is used.  We believe we are taking every precaution available to us. We remove any player breaking a rule and call the parents for a conference prior to allowing them back in game.

It is our belief that if parents are properly preparing their students with internet safety topics, and we are protecting them by tracking and monitoring everything that is associated with communication on our servers, that this is a safe environment.

Voice Chat Server

We also offer a TeamSpeak server for students to chat with others who are in game. It is not required, but for students that prefer to use a headset instead of typing, it can be a great way for them to meet other GamED Academy students. Using TeamSpeak will involve downloading a client application to your computer and entering our IP and password to connect. The orientation course provides detailed directions for this installation and setup.

Social Skills & Creativity

At GamED Academy we believe that learning should be FUN! Combining hands on building, teamwork, and creativity with an engaging academic curriculum shows students that the information they are learning is valuable and exciting. Not only will they learn important information about Ancient Rome and gladiators, they will compete in gladiator tournaments themselves! In some of the classes they will study outer space, the Hubble Telescope, or Mars and then join the Minecraft server to build a real moving rocket to the moon! Creativity is an integral part of everything we do at GamED Academy.

In addition to creativity and hands on application of knowledge, student will engage in a global environment where friendships grow and cultural knowledge is shared. What is it like living in Australia? Why do our kids from the United Kingdom have such an amazing accent? Can you actually enjoy winter without snow? These are just a few of the questions that students discuss with each other, creating friendships and broadening their horizons.