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The Adventure


What will we find in this island adventure?

Oceania is huge! Australia is the sixth largest country in the world, but this continent is more than just Australia, impressive as it is. It also incorporates New Zealand. (Heard of the Maori’s fearsome Haka dance?) More than twenty thousand islands known as the Pacific Nations, including Fiji and Samoa, complete Oceania.

Much of the region’s land mass is desert, but there are also very lush areas. Oceania has some very unique animal life for such a small region. Some examples are the koala (which is not really a bear, but a marsupial), the platypus, and the kangaroo.

Jump in a boat and visit the islands with us in this exciting look at a diverse continent!


Weekly Highlights


Week 1 – How does geography affect Oceania?
Week 2 – What amazing things have come from Oceania’s history?
Week 3 – Famous Oceanians of the past and present.
Week 4 – Is Oceania a world power?
Week 5 – What makes Oceania so unique?
Week 6 – Capstone Project


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