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adventureGeography 1 – Maps and the World

Maps can be exciting to read and follow.  In this course you will travel by map around the world as you study longitude, latitude, hemispheres, and landforms.  Maps to treasure will excite your Minecraft time and maps from around the world will fascinate you with their history and geography.  Join us on an epic quest for treasure, and don’t forget your binoculars!

Weekly Topics:

1 – Maps
2 – Longitude & Latitude
3 – Hemispheres
4 – Landforms
5 – Time Zones
6 – Capstone Project

geographyGeography 2 – An Adventure Around the World

The world is a diverse place that us humans call home.  With its vast natural resources, varied climates, and amazing continents, it makes for a fascinating study.  In this course you will visit all of these topics, along with the mysterious poles and the amazing history of the solstice and equinox.  Why were they so important to ancient peoples, and what are they exactly?  Join us to find out.

Weekly Topics:

1 – Natural Resources
2 – Climates
3 – Solstice & Equinox
4 – Continents
5 – The Poles
6 – Capstone Project

dinoGeography 3 – Time and Disaster Abound

Geography is a fascinating study.  Cartographers make a career out of mapping the world’s splendor and newscasters follow the natural disasters of our world with avid attention.  Throughout history, geological times have brought dramatic changes that will entrance you to study.  In this geographical sampler, you will study these fascinating concepts and step into the role of chief news reporter as you bring the amazing world of geography to others.

Weekly Topics:

1 – Kinds of Maps
2 – Cartography
3 – Natural Disasters
4 – Time Differences
5 – Geological Times
6 – Capstone Project

paxromeGeography 4 – This Amazing World

Join us on an adventure through 5 amazing natural wonders!  What if you had to live in the Grand Canyon? Imagine having a volcano erupt in your corn field!  Are you ready to dive into the ocean and visit the Great Barrier Reef?  Have you witnessed what nature can do with ice?  This amazing adventure will open your eyes to some unbelievable natural creations!

Weekly Topics:

1 – The Grand Canyon
2 – The Great Barrier Reef
3 – Volcán de Parícutin
4 – Ice Towers of Mount Erebus
5 – Jeita Grotto
6 – Capstone Project

Geography 5 – Monumental Travels

Join us on an adventure through some of the most famous monuments in the world! Whether it is the mystery of Stonehenge or the regal magnificence of Angkor Wat, you will be amazed at the architectural skills of these ancient civilizations. Your building skills will be challenged as you work to recreate some of the most famous structures in human history! Are you up for the challenge?

Weekly Topics:

1 – Giza Pyramid & The Great Sphinx
2 – Stonehenge
3 – Angkor Wat
4 – Roman Colosseum
5 – Statue of Liberty
6 – Capstone Project


Course Information

  • Course Code: Geography
  • Course Location: Online
  • Course Delivery: Assignment Portal + Minecraft
  • Course Duration: 6 week segments
  • Contacts: info@GamEDAcademy.com