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How could a mouse help out a lion and save himself from becoming lunch?

The Adventure


Join us on an adventure through the literary genres of fable, play, and mystery! Taking our inspiration from some of the best writers history has to offer, we will fine tune our own writing skills and build out our ideas in Minecraft. To add a bit of excitement, you will have the option of performing you play (and recruiting your friends) for the camera in week 5 and 6!

Weekly Highlights


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Build a story – on paper and in game!
Week 1 – Fabulous Fables from the Past
Week 2 – Fabricating Fables from Imagination
Week 3 – Popular Plays from the Past
Week 4 – Performing YOUR Play
Week 5 – Mysterious Mysteries
Week 6 – Capstone Project

Course Information

  • Course Code: Imagination - ComputerMC
  • Course Location: Computer Version - Minecraft
  • Course Delivery: Assignment Portal
  • Course Duration: 6 Weeks
  • Next Course Intake: Core-Level, Session 2
  • Contacts: info@GamEDAcademy.com