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communityLife Science 1 – Diversity of Life

Vertebrates and invertebrates, reptiles and plants, insects that buzz in your ear; the world is full of an amazing diversity of life.  In this course you will look at some of the ways that scientists tell creatures apart and also how they are similar.  You will have fun creating your own creatures and learning about some of the odd animals that make up our great big world.  This is an adventure that you don’t want to miss.

Weekly Topics:

1- Insects
2 – Seed Plants
3 – Reptiles
4 – Vertebrates
5 – Invertebrates
6 – Capstone Project

bugsLife Science 2 – Bugs and Changes

Creepy and crawly is the theme of this bug based course.  You will need your magnifying glass to investigate the world that these creatures call home.  From spiders to ants and up into the air with insects, you will explore the world from their eyes.  Their amazing ability to transform and change throughout their life is fascinating to watch. What will you learn?

1 – Insects & Ants
2 – Arachnids & Spiders
3 – Plants
4 – Transformation & Change
5 – Eating & Food Chains
6 – Capstone Project

boogersLife Science 3 – The Science of Boogers

Yes, you read that right. There is a science to boogers and in this course you are going to find out what it is.  If that doesn’t gross you out, then you are welcome to continue on to the eyes, ears, and your very own blood for a fascinating look inside the human body.  Grab a tissue and get ready to be amazed by the intricate workings that go on without your knowledge each day.  The journey is guaranteed to be incredible!

1 – Hearing & Sound
2 – Eyes & Vision Problems
3 – Skin & Touch
4 – Blood & Blood Types
5 – Nose & Boogers
6 – Capstone Project

workoutLife Science 4 – The Workout

Have you ever had a rumbly tummy, creaky joint, or stiff muscle?  Find out why in this journey around the major systems of the human body.  You will journey through your digestive system and discuss what nutrition has to do with how you feel.  Your skeleton will go dancing as you study its design.  Finally, your muscles will get to work in this exercise packed course. Don’t forget a water bottle and be prepared to work in this active course.

1 – Digestive System & Appendix
2 – Nutrition & Fats
3 – Body Weight & Metabolism
4 – Skeleton & Joints
5 – Muscles & Body Chemistry
6 – Capstone Project

lungsLife Science 5 – Breath

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live a day as a particle of oxygen?  In this journey you will get a chance to do just that.  You will be bounced around a human’s oxygen loving system.  From the nose to the mouth, down the throat, and into the lungs, you will journey through the world of human breath.  You are a life giving part of this world and your journey through the circulatory system will show why.  Side trips into topics such as blood pressure, vocal chords, and smell will ensure that you are the smartest particle of oxygen in the universe.

1- Taste & Smell
2 – Voice & Vocals
3 – Respiratory System
4 – Blood & Blood Pressure
5 – Circulatory System
6 – Capstone Project

**Currently undergoing updates — Look for this course and more in Spring 2018**


Course Information

  • Course Code: Life-Scie
  • Course Location: Online
  • Course Delivery: Assignment Portal + Minecraft
  • Course Duration: 6 weeks
  • Contacts: info@GamEDAcademy.com