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Introduction To Computer Science 

In just a few short decades, computers have gone from mystical machines of science reserved for the elite few to basic tools of life used by over 3 billion people in the world today. Computers are so important in our lives today that there is a whole science devoted to the study of them! Join us as we learn about the history of computing, computer architecture, software development, and more!

Unit 1

Week 1 – Early Computing
Week 2 – Binary Logic
Week 3 – What is an ALU?
Week 4 – CPUs
Week 5 – Early Programming
Week 6 – Basics of Programming

Unit 2

Week 1 – Software Engineering
Week 2 – Basic Operation
Week 3 – Memory and Files
Week 4 – Basic Interfaces
Week 5 – The Computer Revolution
Week 6 – Graphical Interfaces


Intro To Code

Computers continue to become more and more important in just about every aspect of daily life. In this camp we are going to use Code.org and our own Minecraft studies to delve further into their depths and uncover the secrets of how they work. Learn to code, explore binary language, and then try your hand at creating amazing things from scratch!

Week 1 – Minecraft Designer – Program animals and other Minecraft creatures in your own version of Minecraft.
Week 2 – Minecraft Adventurer – Use code to take Alex or Steve on an adventure.
Week 3 – Star Wars – Building a galaxy out of code.
Week 4 – Angry Birds – Can you catch that naughty bird using only your super powers of coding?
Week 5 – Flappy Birds – It’s time to start making your own games! Can you make something as amazing as Flappy Bird?
Week 6 – Infinity Play Lab – What will you and the team from Big Hero 6 develop this week?


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