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7079c266251861eee3b94cffeb1180905ea800636a4ea6809apimgpsh_fullsize_distrHello there! My name is JoyGamer37_!  I have been a part of MCS since 2014.  When I first joined, I spent most of my time on my class map, FireMasters, and Creative Sandbox.  My brother and my mom were the ones to get me into playing MCS.  I could not thank them enough for introducing it to me!  My brother was a student on MCS a little bit before I was, I remember always looking over his shoulder and watching him on the server.  I could not wait until I got my own Minecraft account to play as well. My favorite classes that I have taken are Master Chef, Viking and Victories, and Redstone Academy.  I am so thankful that I have the fulfillment of being a Staff Member.  I have made so many amazing friends over my years of being a part of MCS and I hope to make lots more.  If you see me on the server just give me a call and I will help out with anything that you need :).  Outside of MCS I am a dancer, and have been for 9 years. I do lots of different types of dance. I  volunteer in the preschool classes and teach them ballet and tap. I am also a volunteer at my church, and I have been home schooled my whole life.  I hope that you have had a awesome time on MCS and many more amazing times to come!  Please, let me know if you need help with ANY situation and I will be there to help!


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  • Position Title: FunMaster

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