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0-cus-d1-84f424da1c8c4618d253e9a2edf42f1aEllo there! I’m TokyoOwl!  I’ve been doing MCS ever since Session 2 of 2015, and I absolutely love it! I remember it clearly; my mom woke me up around 7 in the morning and asked if I wanted to attend a session and see if I liked it. My brother, HeadGM Nano, was taking it at the time, and that was how I was introduced to it. I’ve made many great friends that I will remember for my entire life. I’m still meeting new people to this day! My favorite classes I took were Creature Planet, Master Chef, and Asia. They were all so good, and I definitely learned from them! I thank my mom and brother for introducing me to MCS so I can meet everyone, make friends, learn new things, and have fun! I’m a FunMaster, and I love hanging out with students like YOU, and I find such fun and joy in it! I hope to see you, AND hang out with you all on the server soon!


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  • Position Title: FunMaster

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