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Hello! I am SnicketyCricket_!  I have been home schooled almost all my life and enjoy reading books! Some could say I am a bookworm.  I joined MCS about 1 and a half years ago when my mother suggested it to my brother and me. I loved it from day one.  I spent my days playing firemaster, skyblock, and building unique creations on the creative sandbox.  I am now a FunMaster, and true to my name, I am a master of fun!  Here on MCS I have met some lifelong friends and have learned skills I will carry out into my life after MCS.  I am so happy to have joined and learned all about writing, the underground railroad, redstone, Asia, archaeology, and so much more. I would absolutely love to help you with anything you need, if you need anything just let me know! I hope to see you on the servers!


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  • Position Title: FunMaster

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