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HysteriusMCS was something I thought I’d try and see how it goes (school + Minecraft sounded seriously weird to me when I started). It’s become, over time, something that I enjoy doing. I got to meet people that are just plain weird (You know who you are.) and others that are more normal, but they’re all my friends and I can’t really imagine Minecraft without MCS now. It’s a good experience and you get to meet people that do Minecraft with the same level of interest as you or are more extreme (if possible). I hope we’ll eventually get to the day that we have almost too many enrollments because that means more students. I’m not a very physical person, I mostly enjoy Minecraft (obviously x3), Steam, and reading. I’ll probably be here for some time, but I do more behind the scenes work so I’ll be there, just not always where you can see me.


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  • Position Title: Server Admin

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